Zimbabwe Investment Tour 2019

Our inaugural flagship event, #ZIT2019: Zimbabwe Investment Tour 2019, is a carefully curated insight mission and transactional opportunity for discerning investors who view Africa as the next frontier for high-growth investment opportunities.

#ZIT2019 is a 3-stage event which will kick off in Johannesburg, South Africa on Tuesday, September 3rd 2019. Then, following a pleasure stop at the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe the tour will conclude in the country's capital city, Harare, on Tuesday, September 10th 2019.

#ZIT2019 will attract serious regional and international investors who have a keen interest in sourcing actionable insight, making important high-level connections and doing deals with pre-vetted investment-ready companies, asset managers, fund managers and government authorities in the “New Zimbabwe”.  

Throughout this two-day investment tour our team will employ a number of engaging devices to actively facilitate meaningful interactions between visiting investors and Zimbabwean entrepreneurs, government policymakers, asset managers and investment professionals.


Who should attend and why?

Regional and International Investors: If you are looking for invaluable, ground-level market insight and access to solid investable opportunities in Zimbabwe, this tour is for you. This is your opportunity to cut through the noise that you have no doubt heard about Zimbabwe and make an informed assessment of the country’s commercial prospects as you interact with high-level policy makers, leading corporate leaders and savvy entrepreneurs who are making things happen despite the challenges facing the country. Seize the opportunity to get straight answers about burning questions you might have about pertinent investment-related, and set yourself up to do business in Zimbabwe successfully by developing a direct personal network with top-drawer investment contacts.

Zimbabwean Fund Managers & Investment Professionals: If you are actively raising a venture capital or private equity fund or looking to strike new regional and international investment partnerships, then this gathering is for you. Pitch your funding opportunities, investment portfolios and special projects to seasoned fund investors, family office managers and high net worth individuals right in your back yard. Build up your regional and international network without leaving home!

Zimbabwean Corporates: This is the perfect opportunity to meet local and international finance and investment promotional.  Whether you are raising financial or network capital, #ZIT2019 will set you up with the right contacts in the room. Should you need to engage government and policy makers on the business environment in Zimbabwe, this too is your perfect chance. Come and do business at the highest level!

Zimbabwean Government Agencies and Parastatals: #ZIT2019 is the perfect platform to demonstrate that the romantic notion of a “new Zimbabwe” is not just flowery rhetoric. Serious investors are keen to hear what the President’s Office, the Ministry of Finance, Trade & Investment Promotion, the Zimbabwe Investment Authority, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe are doing to support and catalyse the efforts of companies and individuals looking to engage in regional and international investment activities initiated in and driven by Zimbabwe. It’s simply not a party without you!